English for Communication (L2)

Certificate Course


The intermediate English course emphasizes written and spoken communication tasks in academic and professional contexts. It promotes students to communicate fluently and accurately, as well as to improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in a comprehensive manner.


The students will be evaluated by an assignment

  • Mid-Course Assignment
  • Final Written Assignment
Duration 4 Months
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COURSE FEE (රු.) 11,000
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Reading and Writing
Write formal letters /emails to
English-speaking companies, government departments, etc.
Report writing
Writing minutes and memos
Graph Descriptions
Reading and comprehension tools
Reading and understanding news items
Writing film/books/food etc. reviews
Grammar and Vocabulary
Tenses Review (Simple Present / Past and Present Continuous)
Past Continuous Tense
The Future
Introduction to relative clauses
Reported speech
Model Verbs
Perfect Tenses (Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future Perfect)
Passive Voice
Language games to improve grammar skills
Grammar through stories / videos etc.
Introduction to Academic Writing
Introduction to Report Writing
Introduction to Business English Terms
Speaking and Listening
Listen to English language radio broadcasts/Audio stories in English
Note taking skills
Basic Interview Skills
Listening and understanding news items
Presentation skills / Role-play
Successfully communicate with employers in a job/meeting and interviews
One Time Payment
Rs 11,000
Installment (2 Months)
Rs 6,500 x 2
One Time Payment
Rs 11,000
Installment (2 Months)
Rs 6,500 x 2
  • English

    By the end of the course the students will,

    • Heighten their awareness of correct usage of English grammar in writing and speaking in academic and professional context
    • Improve their speaking ability in English both in terms of fluency and comprehensibility
    • Give oral presentations and receive feedback on their performance
    • Increase their reading speed and comprehension of English language
    • Enlarge their vocabulary by keeping an academic and professional vocabulary journal
    • Strengthen their ability to write graph descriptions, emails and formal letters

Entry Requirement

The applicant should face the placement test prior to enrollment.

No age limits.

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