The Virtual Education Institute

SOV Education

School Of Virtual Education (SOVE) is established on 2020 to serve the best education materials to the students all around the Sri Lanka. We create the best learning materials for our students to brighten their future.
Our lecturers share their knowledge with SOVE students with the experience of higher e-learning technologies. Our courses are created to guide our students to move towards the global pathways.


What our students get?

  • Courses

    We offer high quality courses for Sri Lankan audience.

  • LMS

    We have a user-friendly LMS with all the required features.

  • Recordings

    We provide recordings of all sessions for the registered students.

There are many ways to learn What do you want to study?

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Student Testimonials

  • "I am very interested about web development. But I was afraid about it because the coding was really hard for me. But after joining to this course I learned how to understand and do coding in easy ways. Thank you Mr. Chanuka Rathnaweera."

    Thevindu, Rahula College
  • "My problem was remembering codes and making codes. But Mr. Chanuka taught us the concepts and the tips of doing the coding. It was very helpful for me. Thank you sir!"

    Chathuma, Anula Vidyalaya
  • "Web developnent course එකෙන් දැන් ඕනැම web site එකක් නිර්මාණය කළ හැකි දැනුම ලබා ගත්‍තා වටිනා course එකක් තමයි."

    Lashitha Kavishwara